Sndsrvc error

My operating system is Me and recently I have received the following error message. It is headed SNDSRVC.EXE – EMBEDDING and below this says, Sndsrvc has caused an error in Kernel32.DLL. Sndsrvc will now close. Another error message which has appeared on a couple of occasions is, Error Starting Program, followed by The IPHLPAPI.DLL cannot start. Check the file to determine the problem. I would be grateful for any advice.

The SNDSRVC.EXE service is part of the Norton Internet Security suite. If you have Norton we’d suggest uninstalling it first.

If you have uninstalled Norton then it’s possible some of the components are still present. You can remove them by downloading and running the Norton removal tool provided by Symantec. Be careful with this tool as it will disable products like PC Anywhere and Winfax.

It’s also possible you have a spyware infection. We’d suggest testing the machine for an infection. We’ve previously posted how to do this.

Finally, you might have to search the hard drive to find where this file is hiding. That will give clues on how to remove it.

Don’t forget to create restore points before carrying out each of these suggestions.

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