How do I read XPS files on an Apple Mac

Thanks for the tip about XPS files. I’m running a Mac and I’d like to be able to open them. The Microsoft software is Windows only.

Unfortunately that’s right, Microsoft have made it difficult to read the XPS files if you aren’t using MS products and this is one of the biggest barriers for using this format.

There are some third party applications that will read XPS files on the Mac including NiXPS and these are the best bet at the moment.

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    2 Responses to “How do I read XPS files on an Apple Mac”

    1. Really simple. Send to your gmail. There, open (“View” instead of “Download”). Print. Viola – you have a PDF file.

    2. Mani, excellent advice. Even I, a total non techy, managed to open an xps file following your advice. thanks so much for your easy, simple and totally understandable and doable advice…phew. Thanks Chris

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