Mobile phone only has bluetooth

My new mobile phone has “bluetooth”. I’ve searched my computer but it doesn’t seem to have the necessary chip, although its only 6 months old. Can something be put into my computer to make it talk to the mobile using bluetooth? I believe that’s the way to download photos from the phone to the computer.

Bluetooth is a way of communicating wirelessly between electronic devices. It’s a common alternative to using a USB cable.

It’s unlikely Bluetooth is the only way to communicate between your computer and phone, most phones have a USB cable option. It will be worth checking with your manufacturer or local phone shop to see if you can buy a USB kit, which will also include a CD.

If Bluetooth is the only way to connect then you can purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter. This plugs into a USB port and costs under a $100.

Sometimes it can be a bit tricky setting these up, if you do find yourself with problems, give your local computer tech a call.

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