A burning smell from my computer

The other day my PC turned itself off, like it does, but this time there was a sort of crackling sound followed by a strong smell of burning plastic!

I unplugged everything from the PC but the back was baking hot by the power supply at the top. I let the machine cool down then tried to turn it on but it will not turn on! I opened up the case and everything seems ok (no signs of anything having been burnt) but the PC will still not turn on.

I’m really worried about this as i have a lot of important data on my hard drive which i need to get to! Im hoping this problem has not effected the hard drive!? What can i do? Please Help!!

The problem is your computer’s power supply has blown. This is quite common and it will have to be replaced.

One of the functions of a computer’s power supply is to protect your computer insides from power surges and brownouts so we usually find that when a power supply fails, the hard drive and motherboard are fine.

You’ll need to contact your local computer tech to replace the power supply and test your system, but you’ll probably find your data is unaffected.

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