Transfer programs to a new computer

I have been given a Compaq Presario C 700 series with Vista preloaded. The PC is operated by XP professional – Compucon . My problem is that I want to transfer my Money 99 programme and MS Office, together with Family Tree Maker, Arcsoft, Personal Historian, and other bits and pieces. Which is the best way to go about this? I intend to take the laptop with us when we go touring and use it to keep track on expenses and also download photos from the camera.

Sadly there’s no easy way to transfer programs between computers. You have to reload the programs from their original disks. If you find the older programs, like Money 99 don’t work on the new Vista system then you’ll have to find replacement programs.

Transferring the data can also be problematic, the easiest way is to use the backup function on the old programs and put the backup on a USB drive then restore to the new system.

If you have had to get a replacement program then you may find the backup doesn’t work properly. This is part of the drama with computers and why you may have to call a computer tech to help you.

One important thing to remember when setting up a new machine is not to get rid of the old one until everything is across.

We’ll answer the second part of this question in the next post.

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