No sound on computer except in iTunes and Windows Media Player

I cannot hear anything on my computer when looking at websites( youtube etc) I can hear things when using media player or itunes but nothing else. When I go to control panel and click on sounds and audio devices it says no audio device. It use to work normally but all of a sudden stopped. any ideas please??

We’ve covered missing sound devices in a previous post.

In your case, the situation’s slightly different. The sound device is obviously working but Windows isn’t recognising it as being the default setting.

To change this open the Control Panel by going into Start, Settings, Control Panel and clicking on Sound and Audio Devices.

In the Sound and Audio Devices properties click the Voice tab. In this tab you will the default devices, click the drop down box and change the device then click okay. If you have a number of devices you may have to experiment to find the correct one.

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    6 Responses to “No sound on computer except in iTunes and Windows Media Player”

    1. i get sound out of windows media player and i tunes but nothing of of the web like you tube media how can i fixs this please help

    2. Paul Wallbank Says:

      Youtube uses Flash which is a separate issue. We cover this in the following post.

    3. Thank you so much that helped alot.
      But I had to change it also in my audio tab too.
      So Don’t forget that.

    4. same problem with me too.
      there is only one default device (realtek HD) so i cant change it.
      whats the problem??

    5. Hi Prateek, it may be that your soundcard driver has become corrupt or out of date. If so then you may need to reinstall your soundcard and or its drivers and this will get the sound back up for you with no problems. But first, before you go to a lot of trouble you’d be better carrying out a few simple checks. I have full instructions here:

      Once you’ve done these simple checks click on the links at the bottom of the article for more detailed instructions about other more complex solutions including replacing your soundcard drivers.

      Good luck.

      Kevin Walker.

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