Wireless connection keeps dropping out

 I have a D-Link router networking my 2 PCs. It was great while they were linked using the cable but I have moved one PC and the wireless connection keeps breaking.
Is there a better product?
I am about to buy a laptop which I would need to add to the network, will this change things?

Wireless connections can be unreliable. Often the cause is the construction of your building or interference from other networks nad electronic devices. Sometimes the device is simply set up poorly.

The first thing to check is the location of your router or wireless base station, change the directions of the antennae and move the device away from windows, concrete and stone walls.

It is also possible the router simply isn’t up to it. Some routers do better than others in certain circumstances. Sometimes the wireless network card doesn’t play well with the rest of the network.

It’s best to start with testing where in your house the signal is good and where it isn’t. Then, experiment with the location of the router and the antennae directions.

Once you’ve found what works and doesn’t you may need to call in a computer tech. Sometimes a newer and better router doesn’t always fix wireless network problems and a tech will be best placed to deal with it.

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