A duplicate name exists on the network

“Everytime I open my computer before I log in there is error message “a duplicate name exist on the network”. I already change the computer name on the properties then change computer name. then when I re-start my Computer nothing happen. still the error appears before I log in.

You should check you are actually changing the name. Open the Control Panel by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel and then click System.

In the System properties click the Computer Name tab. This is where you may be being misled as the “Computer Description” box is different to the computer’s name. The actual name is below under the “Full Computer Name” heading.

To change this, click the “Change” button. Choose a name different to all the other computers on the network and put this in the Computer name box. Keep clicking okay until the computer says it needs to restart and let the computer reboot.

This should clear the problem. If it doesn’t click Start, Run and type ipconfig /flushdns. This should wipe the computer’s memory of other addresses and should get rid of the message on restart.

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    18 Responses to “A duplicate name exists on the network”

    1. Paul Balsarini Says:

      Tried your fix 3 times including ipconfif /flushdns. Still get the same message on startup. Running XP on Lenovo laptop.

    2. Paul Balsarini Says:

      sorry I meant ipconfig /flushdns

    3. Paul Wallbank Says:

      You have another computer on the network with the same name. Try changing the name. Note the description box is not the computer name.

    4. I am getting this error, but I am a single computer, not on a network of computers or workstation.

      Please explain how this may have started, and how to fix if I am not on a network with other computers.

    5. Paul Wallbank Says:

      If you are getting this message on a single computer it is likely your Internet connection is being shared with someone else. You need to check your firewall settings immediately. We would strongly recommend getting a computer technician in to check your security and network settings.

    6. I use a cable modem, no other computers on the connection. I use Norton 360 v.2 and zone alarm.

      I just noticed that my cable connection is “connected” and my wireless network connection is also “connected”.

      Not sure how or why that happened, but is it possible that the two “connected” connections are creating this issue?

      This started about an hour before I posted my original query here.

    7. I disabled the wireless connection, and rebooted the computer. I did not get the error message, so maybe that was the problem. I still don’t feel good about it though.

      I download/update the Norton virus definitions daily, run the norton AV and security scans. I also routinely scan with ad-aware. I did update Ad-aware to the anniversary version, but that should not have caused the problem.

    8. Paul Wallbank Says:

      It sounds like your system was logging onto someone else’s wireless network. You may want to take care with any Wireless LAN equipment you have.

    9. Jesse Bishop Says:

      I’m getting this error on a school novell network atm. It’s coming off of a machine I just ghosted (and yes, I’ve changed the name) I’ve even set the name to a misc string of characters, and still, this error pops up. I don’t know why this is happening yet. Any advice would be appreciated.

    10. Jesse Bishop Says:

      btw, the machine I’m referring to is a desktop, no wifi.

    11. Paul Wallbank Says:

      The problem Jesse is you’ve ghosted the machine so the settings on the new machine will have identical settings to the original one.

      You’ll have to change the network settings as described above to fix the problem.

    12. Wesley Hudson Says:

      When ghosting a machine, the SID will copy as well. The machine needs to be ghosted BEFORE it joins a domain. If you have not done this, then disjoin, delete computer name from active directory, then rejoin. Problem solved.

    13. Paul Wallbank Says:

      Thanks Wesley, you’re absolutely right.

      If posters are connected to a domain, they should talk to their network administrator and not rely on sites like this.

    14. ipconfig /flushdns doesnt work for me in Vista. Can you say me what might be the problem

    15. Hi, all dear.,
      M using windows 7 I insatlled vmware then I setup windows server 2003 server and windows xp in vmware but when i try to assign IP address it show message box “Duplicate name exist in network” then i tried to change computer name as different for all 3 main machine and virtual machine but the message still appear when i tried to log to windows.. pls help me to solve it .. thanks.

    16. With Vista and Windows 7, you must elevate your command prompt to run Administrative Tasks. type cmd in the finder bar, and then right-click on the cmd at the top of the list and choose “Run as Administrator”

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    18. Known problem in XP especially VM XP under Win7 I’ve gotten it a few times. . . Try changing the name to itself and restarting the Virtual Machine.

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