Out of frequency message and blank screen

I installed a new monitor, which worked fine until I tried to adjust the display settings to improve the fonts. Then I got a black screen and a message that said I have the wrong frequency. Now I can’t see anything to reset the default display. I know the monitor works because I can see the computer name and Windows logo at boot up. How do I get to settings again?

You’ll need to start the computer in Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode, Click Start, Control Panel and choose Display.

In the Display properties, click on the Settings tab and move the slider under the heading Screen Resolution to the left.

When you reboot the computer, the display will be back at 16 colors. You can then move it back to the proper resolution.

If this happens in future, don’t panic. If you wait ten seconds WITHOUT touching the mouse or keyboard the screen will go back to the previous setting.

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    5 Responses to “Out of frequency message and blank screen”

    1. I did this in safe mode etc etc I am still getting a “Out of Frequency” message – then the screen powers itself down. Anyother suggestions?

    2. Paul Wallbank Says:

      It sounds like the monitor is stressed. The monitor controls should have a reset options. It may be worthwhile trying that.

      Otherwise a call to the supplier might be in order, it could be a defective monitor.

    3. This problem smoetimes comes from the motherboard. I found that in some of Asus motherboard.

    4. Try to start with F8 and ‘Enable VGA Mode’ It will defiantly work. Enjoy guys

    5. I reset my ATI Graphic cards(Xross Fire) Mode to 120 refresh rate and I suddenly had over frequency range message and a Blank screen…a bit odd as it has worked on another setup before same MB CPU RAM etc . I am trying to use restore point in SAFE mode as I cannot access ATI Catalyst control centre in safe mode… Yep it has just worked as I am typing and I have full access again…Ok this one way that may help you out….

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