Buying a high end computer

We are starting up a small business and are looking at purchasing a high end computer (and associated hardware and software) to edit and archive the company’s digital media resources: photographs, illustrations, videos etc.

The computer must be capable of editing and burning DVD’s and should also be able to scan and print high quality posters up to A3 in size.

We have a budget of $5000.

The $5,000 budget should pay for a good computer. Our sister site PC Rescue has details of what typical users should buy for home and small office use.

Given your requirements are somewhat higher than the typical user, you’ll want something more advanced. We’d suggest the following.

Hard drive: Given you’re dealing with graphics, you really want to have a bigger and faster hard drive. We’d suggest a 750Gb or higher 3.0Gb per second SATA drive.

Memory: With these applications, the more memory you can throw at it the better. Go for at least 4Gb.

Processor: You’ll need to consider a quad-core processor. Be a bit careful here as specifying something too high can blow your budget out. A 2.4GHz Intel Q6600 should be fine.

Video: Get at least a 512Mb video card with DVI out.

Sound card: For many applications built in sound cards are fine. If high quality sound is important then add something like a SoundBlaster Xtreme.

Warranty: Whatever you get, make sure you add a three years manufacturers warranty.

With a 22″ monitor you should easily squeeze in below $3,000 which should allow for a good quality A3 printer, backup hardware and Internet router.

Good luck with the new business.

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