Microsoft Word printing blank documents

My sister has Windows XP and MS Office2003. With some Word documents when she goes to Print Preview she gets a blank page,no writing of the document saved, and receives a blank page when printed. Excel docs and emails can be printed.

We have tried System restore, and have reinstalled Office 2003. What needs to be unchecked or what can be done to enable the print preview to show the document wording?

It’s almost a certainly a printer driver problem. The best solution is to make sure Office is fully installed, then download the latest printer drivers, fully uninstall the printer, reboot and then reinstall the printer with the new software.

Microsoft have a full troubleshooting guide for Word on their website.

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    1. first execuse my english
      It is a formating problem in the document it self, select your entire document from few caracters (2-3) from the beginning to few cararecters to the end (not all the document) copy & paste in a new doc. type the first 2-3 caract
      type the end 2-3 caracters, save the new doc try printing it will work.

    2. i use both open office and microsoft office and i would say that microsoft office is more responsive and user friendly ::”

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