Flash drives appear as CD-R

USB problem – write protection

I have three USB drives – LG, DSE and Verbatum – which have all somehow write- protected themselves – (on three different computers)

Each drive has somehow become a “giant expensive CD-R” in that suddenly I can\’t add, delete or change files or make folders, etc.

What is happening?  What can I do?

It sounds like a file autorun.inf has found its way onto the flash drives.

Click Start, Search, find all files and folders and type autorun.inf into the file name box. Below that choose your USB drive in the look in box and under more Advanced Option choose Search hidden files and folders.

Then click the Search button.

Any autorun.inf files the computer finds should be renamed to autorun.old. When you remove and reinsert the drive, the problem should have gone away.

The cause of this is almost certainly some software writing to the drives. You’ll need to watch closely to find what’s causing this.

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    1. Paul,

      Check Ananda’s post and make sure you are not infected with any of that nasty USB Malware mentioned.


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