This device can perform faster USB 2.0 message

I keep getting a pop up saying “this device can perform faster USB 2.0″ i usually use skype for video chat. after i get this pop up my cam doesnt work until i restart… plz help me out.

The problem is the USB port you are plugging the web cam into is the older and slower USB 1.1 standard and your webcam doesn’t like it.

Some computers have a combination of USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports so you may want to try your other USB ports to see if they are the newer, faster variety.

If you don’t have USB 2.0 ports, your local computer shop can install a USB 2.0 card into a desktop system for under $100.

Otherwise, you may want to reinstall your webcam software as it sounds like it isn’t working properly. Download the latest software for your webcam, disconnect the cam and uninstall the software.

Reboot your computer, run the downloaded updates, plug in the webcam and see if that clears the problem.

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    1. I as well as many of our clients have experienced the same issue. As all of the new computer have 2.0 ports, it would inidcate that they basically do not work. I run a 2.0 port with drivers, and none of the 2.0 usb connections function. They all generate the same message. I found it just easier to disable the message as I figure MS is not going to resolve it.

      I should have stayed with my MAC.

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