Recovering lost cat photos

I downloaded some photo’s from my camera the other day and selected (ticked) some photo’s to put on my memory stick (usb) and seem to have lost all the photo’s I didn’t select. I am very upset about this as I had quite a number of our cat on there. We lost him last Friday morn. He was hit by a car. Is there any possible way that these photo’s might be on the hard drive somewhere, as I didn\’t save them. Please help.

Distressed and very upset.

Sorry to hear about the cat.

Luckily there’s a good chance you’ll get those photos back if you haven’t used the camera’s memory card since deleting the photos.

To do this, you can use programs like the free Restoration program or commercial products like Recover my Photos.

Keep in mind that recovering data can be a delicate task and it’s best done by experienced computer techs. So you may want to call for help.

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