Importing a Windows address book

Up-graded my PC including a new hard drive and installed Windows XP Pro and applications on it including Office.  Where should I look for the address book and how do I open it?

On Windows XP and earlier systems, Outlook Express uses the Windows Address Book. This is usually hidden deep in the user profile in a hidden folder.

First, you’ll have to change your computer settings to so you can see your hidden folders. Once you have set this, you’ll have to find the address book file which is usually hidden in c:\documents and settings\yourname\application data\microsoft\address book and finishes in the name .wab.

Keep in mind when you are importing off an old hard drive, the drive letter will not be c:

To import the old address book into the new book, open your new address book by clicking the address icon at the top of the Outlook Express screen.

In the adress book click the File menu, select import and Address Book (WAB) then navigate to the old address book locations. Highlight the address book and click Open. The wizard will then run you through the process.

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