Limited access to Microsoft Office

I have a Toshiba laptop with Vista installed and had trouble finding the location of the product key prior to the grace period end.

I now have limited access to Vista (word and excel)and the product key is not being accepted. The system is inadequate for our uses with out these programmes.

Can you help?

I think by “Vista” you mean “Microsoft Office”.

The problem is many new systems such as your Toshiba come with trial editions of MS Office 2007 and this is what has caught you out. It sounds like you are trying to use the system’s Vista registration key for the Office activation.

An obvious solution is to buy an Office 2007 license. You can do that by following the instructions that appear when you open a Word or Excel document.

If you choose not to, you can install an older version of Office or go for a free program such as Open Office or an online program such as Google Docs and Zoho.

Should you decide ot install an older version of Office or go with a new program then you should backup any important documents and spreadsheets before uninstalling Office 2007.

It is very important you uninstall Office 2007 if you aren’t using it as it makes some serious changes to your system and will interfere with earlier versions of Office and other productivity programs.

Similarly, if you decide to buy a boxed version of Office 2007 then you should uninstall all the trial versions before installing the boxed product.

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