How to reset Windows Vista icons

Many of my file and folder icons (Windows Vista) now have “an icon on the icon.” Most of these are either a double blue arrow, like >>, or a gray rounded square with a white slash mark. Other “designs” have come and gone. One, as I remember, was a red electrocardiogram-like design. What are these and how do I get rid of them? Thanks for your help.

The simplest solution is to download the free Winbubbles programs which gives you a whole range of customisation options as well a quick and easy fix for this problem.

You can download Winbubbles from the Unlockforus website and they have the instructions for resetting icons using the program described on their blog.

Before using the program, it’s best to backup your system just in case something unlucky happens. If you find the program works for you, consider making a donation to the developer.

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