Windows XP still won’t install

This post is a follow up our earlier answer on Windows XP won’t install

I’ve run the Dell diagnostic CD and no problems were found. I’ve loaded a different version of XP from another CD with similar results. When I try another reload, you receive a message that there is already an operating system on the hard drive do you want it deleted.

This suggests that XP is being loaded but can’t be booted/activated. I now have a variation on the earlier results in that when the computer attempts to boot into XP it requests that the Service Pack 2 CD be inserted then press Enter. Doing this had absolutely no effect.

What you’re describing is consistent with what we suggested in our previous post. If anything, it indicates the problem is with your hard drive.

The Dell Diagnostic CD doesn’t run a disk surface check unless you choose Extended Test and this is what you’ll need to do. Note that Dell advise this may take an hour, however if errors are found it can take substantially longer.

Dell have more details on their Diagnostic programs on their website. If your system is still under a Dell warranty, you should note any errors reported by the Diagnostic routines and call Dell support for further assistance.

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