Scam warning: Selling an expensive item overseas through Paypal

“I’m selling an expensive item, a horse float, that a lady in Malaysia is keen to buy through Paypal. She’s really eager for the purchase, hasn’t bartered and will pay for delivery. Can I trust this?”

No, when you’re selling an expensive item you need to take care. This particular scam is a variation on the various check frauds where you’ll find yourself out of pocket from unexpected expenses that arise, a dispute over delivery or a reversed transaction into a hacked PayPal or eBay account.

The fact the buyer isn’t concerned about the amount is a give away, along with the fact they are prepared to pay for freight to Malaysia.

Some articles on this particular scam can be found at the following sites;

In situations like this you need to follow your senses; if something doesn’t smell or feel right then you shouldn’t go ahead with the deal.

Remember – if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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