Paypal is asking for my drivers licence details

“Paypal” is sending out emails to get all your info at the moment. I am not sure how common it is. I have received 2 different ones from them. The first opened a page asking for all my details including
drivers licence address and bank details and the second opens up a paypal page which is identical to the real one. although I didn’t enter in any details I knew it was suspicious because it wasn’t my Paypal email

Just thought I would let you know.

Thanks very much that. It’s a worthwhile reminder that Phishing scams are still alive and well.

Phishing is where crooks make an almost identical replica of a legitimate organisation’s webpage – common organisations are financial ones like Paypal, eBay and banks – and ask you for your essential details.

In most cases they try to capture account details, user names and passwords but they sometimes also try to capture personal information like drivers licence details or social security numbers so they carry out identity fraud.

You should never give any details out in reply to an email even if it does look like the site and the message is valid.

If you think the message might be genuine, then contact the organisation yourself to confirm they are legitimate. Don’t use any links, email addresses or phone numbers given on the suspicious message as these are often fake as well.

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