Should my son build a computer?

My son is interested in building his own computer. I have concerns that if it doesn’t work we will have to spend more money on another computer.

He has checked out various websites and feels confident he can do it.

His requirements are:

  • 1-7 960 CPU
  • Asus Sabertooth X58 Motherboard
  • 12 GB Ram
  • GTX580 Graphiics card
  • 1T Hard Drive DVD Player

Generally I’d recommend just buying one. Like cars, it’s cheaper to buy one rather than build one from scratch.

However, it’s a good experience to build one from scratch so I’d recommend your son giving it a go. Just make sure he includes an anti-static wrist strap (around $15) in his budget and make sure he reads the instructions closely.

Remember that nothing on a computer should be forced and screws only need to be a little past finger tight.

Building your own anything is a good learning tool for kids and adults, even if it does cost a bit more than buying a brand name.

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    1. Actually build a computer is cheaper than buying one.
      Also building a computer is good experience.

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