Are PC Health errors stopping CDs from working?

Help! My computer is telling me PC Health Advisor says I have 510 problems. Would this be why I am unable to burn CD’s through ITunes?

Any help gratefully accepted!

It is possible that the errors PC Health is reporting are related to being able to burn CDs although it’s difficult to say without seeing the error report.

Generally we don’t like programs like PC Health Advisor as they try to prove their worth by reporting minor issues as errors, so most of those 150 errors are probably trivial things that would be fixed with a computer clean up. You may want to follow those instructions and see how the computer’s performance improves.

CD burning is a black art. You can have ten identical computers and each one will have it’s own quirks with burning CDs. Generally we recommend burning at the lowest speed for the best reliability.

We also find that different brands of blank CDs work better than others. Again this varies with every machine. We recommend always steering clear of the super cheap blank CDs as well given some of them are of pretty poor quality.

The problem may be with iTunes and its Digital Rights Management (DRM), so you might want to check if you can burn CD’s from other programs or even if they are playing in your system. It could be the CD burning issue might be hardware.

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