Why does my computer shut down when I plug in a device?

When I connect my ipod/mobile/cd to computer and I open its folder/subfolder the computer gets restarted. Even after scanning above said icons I could not get rid of said problem?

The problem is your computer’s power supply can’t deal with the power load, each device draws some power from the system and when you start using them the computer deals with the overload by shutting down.

To fix this, first look at what you have currently connected to the computer. It may be you have a printer, scanner or external hard drive that is drawing a lot of power. Disconnecting these may resolve the problem.

Another fix is to purchase a powered external USB hub to plug your phone, iPod and other devices into. The power will be drawn through the mains connection to the hub rather than your computer. Some devices, like iPods and printers don’t always like this solution however.

If your computer is a desktop system you can also upgrade the power supply for under a hundred dollars, if you’re not comfortable doing that yourself the local computer tech will be able to do it for you.

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