I cannot install Windows XP Service Pack 3

I have a Compaq Presario SR1000 Sr1420AN about 7 years old with Windows XP.I have tried to load Service pack 3 on several occassions but it corrupts & I have to go back to a restore point.Could you please advise if you are aware of why this is happening?

There’s a number of reasons this could be happening, the three most likely are some running software – such as an anti-virus – blocking the installation, a damaged hard drive or insufficient free space on the disk.

Freeing up space on your drive is the easiest to solve problem by following our Cleaning Your Computer instructions. This will also get rid of anything in the temporary files that may be blocking the installation.

Next is checking your hard drive for problems, we cover this in our Checking A Disk For Errors post. If you do find there are serious problems with your hard drive, you may have to replace it.

Finally, it may be an antivirus or other program blocking the service pack’s installation. If you use the Windows MSCONFIG tool, you can turn off everything that starts with the computer. Take a note though of what you do turn off.

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