Do I need to update my broadband connection?

I have just had a new computer delivered, to change over from this one, do I just unplug all the leads and replace them, and do I have to do anything about my broadband connection ? I am a 77 year old silver surfer so I apologise if you think this is a simple question.

When it comes to technology there’s no such thing as a simple question.

Most broadband connections use a router – a little box that connects to the Internet through the telephone (ADSL) or cable TV connection. The router deals with all the Internet connection details and the computer connects to the router.

If that’s the set up you have, then all you’ll need to to is take the network cable connecting the old computer and plug it into the new system. If you have a wireless router then you’ll need to find the password you’re using.

Some Internet connections plug straight into the computer though a dongle, a little USB device that handles the connection. If you have one of these, you’ll need an installation disk, password and will probably have to speak to the ISP’s support desk.

One thing to watch when you do connect the new computer is that you may have a lot of updates to do for the system. Allow a few hours for all the important security patches to download and install, particularly on Windows computers.

As far as power and other connections go, you probably can swap them straight away although if you have an older printer you may find there will be no connection for it.

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