How to avoid Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome

December 23rd, 2012 Paul Wallbank Posted in Google, software No Comments »

I was just listening to your computer advice on 2UE’s Trevor Long show and was wondering if you can help with this problem.  I need to download Adobe Flashplayer to read ecards etc but am unable to do so as message comes up saying – You already have Google Chrome installed.  I’m unable to view some content with Google Chrome.  Can you tell me how to install Flashplayer?

The problem is that Adobe tries to install Google Chrome as part of its setup process, as you’ll see from some of the comments on the Adobe site this is not popular with users.

You can over come this by running carefully through the Adobe install wizard and when you encounter the box asking if you want to install Google Chrome, take the tick off the box.

Google chrome as part of the Adobe flash installation

It shouldn’t be necessary to install Flash in Chrome as the program is built into the browser, so it may be worth making sure which plug-in you have running. Google have instructions on how to find and disable chrome plug ins.

Changing Google search settings to another country

December 14th, 2012 Paul Wallbank Posted in Google, Web No Comments »

Google have changed their search settings and now I don’t see most Australian pages. How do I fix this problem?

Google’s latest changes have altered the default way the search function works and most people are finding they are getting international results rather than country specific results.

To fix this, run a Google search and when the results appear, click search tools in the bar above the results as shown below and then click The web, which will change the country settings to show pages from your own country.

If you want this change to stick, you may have to log onto Google and make the change before you make your changes.

n be easily changed