Buying a Sun workstation

Hi Paul, have read your article on buying a computer and noted the strong leaning towards MAC. What is the industry particularly your thoughts on purchasing a Sun entry level workstation equivalent to a standard Windows or MAC desktop. I have read that a Sun box is robust and less prone against viruses

I didn’t realise I was strongly leaning towards a Mac. The choice of the Mac versus a PC really comes down to two factors; what you are used to and what your colleagues, friends and relatives use.

For those reasons alone I’d steer you away from a Sun workstation. Other problems you’ll hit are the huge cost of support and the difficulty getting replacement parts not to mention you’ll get no help from friends, the local computer shop or your ISP.

I’d recommend going to the nearest computer superstore and Mac shop and having a play with their computers. See which computers you like and which stores have the best service.

While price is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the main selling point. If a better, faster computer is $200 more, buy it.

Don’t forget to get a three year warranty as well.

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