How to get rid of Viagra spam

We keep getting emails trying to sell us Viagra and also many wanting us to establish personal contact with the sender.
I have checked and discovered that it is useless trying to prevent them by entering the sender’s name on a “banned” list, because every sender uses a different “home” name every time.
Is there any way we can stop this useless lot of emails – we are both in our late 70′s and need Viagra like we need another hole in our heads.

To be quite honest I don’t think anyone needs the sort of quantities of Viagra these people try to sell.

Spam is a boring, tiresome thing which irritates many computer users. The problem is the spammers are pretty good at getting around most barriers. Once you’re on their lists, it can be pretty hard to get off.

The first defense is to turn on spam filtering on your computer. Most email programs have a built in spam checker. The exception to this is Outlook Express, the built in email program of Windows XP.

You aren’t limited to the built in spam checkers, there are many free and paid for spam filters your can add to your computer. One of our old favourites is Mailwasher which comes in both free and paid for versions.

The next step is to ask your ISP about spam filtering. Many will have a free service while others may charge an additional few dollars a month. Give them a call and ask.

In the extreme, you may want to consider getting another email account. Your ISP will offer multiple email addresses, again some are free while others charge. Or you could get a free email account through Gmail, Yahoo!or Hotmail, although some of these services have their own spam problems.

We have further details on spam avoidance on our PC Rescue website. Our experience is that you usually have to use a combination of tools to keep the spam levels down. Try experimenting with them to see what works for you.

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