Sierra 880u Next G not connecting

I’m using a Telstra Next G Sierra Aircard 880U modem to connect to the Bigpond Wireless Network

The connection seems okay but after a few minutes it freezes up, if I swap ports the status shows “Device not Connected” the only thing I can do is restart the computer.

This is a common problem we’ve been hearing a lot about. It appears to be a problem with the software and drivers provided on the CD.

The solution is to download the drivers and firmware for the 880u from the Sierra website, they have both Mac and Windows software. Make sure you download both the software and firmware upgrades and print out the instructions.

Follow the instructions, running the software update first. It’s important to let these installation wizards complete without interruption so make sure your laptop is plugged into a power source.

Be careful in the setup process with the service you choose; if you are Telstra subscriber the settings are different to the Bigpond service. You may have to contact Telstra or Bigpond for further instructions.

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