AVG detects Javascript exploits

I have a laptop just over 2yrs old running Windows XP SP2 without virus problems.Your advise has been helpful and I have been running AVG 7.5 anti-virus and Windows Defender.I have had no troubles with viruses until recently.On the 25th of January 2008 three “Exploit” viruses were found and quarantined and two more were found on the 29th,using the morning “complete scan”.

It brings into question the effectiveness of this version of AVG.

What’s happened is AVG has found an attempted Internet Explorer malware attack in your Firefox or Opera file cache. The anti virus didn’t report it because the script didn’t attempt to run.

The writers of AVG, Grisoft, have made a choice not to scan these Javascript applets because it would slow down the computer and web browsing. If you are concerned about these, then you can add .js programs to the Resident Shield in the paid version, or just tell AVG to scan all files in the free version.

Be warned though, this will slow your computer dramatically.

In our view, it’s better to setup users with Limited User profiles which prevents these things from being able to get on your computer.

The fact these exploits didn’t run on your system is a good sign that you are practicing safe computing. I’d be more reassured than worried.

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    1. Thanks for the information,Paul.
      I should have added that I run Firefox and with three users I am the only Administrator.
      I guess that you need one Administrator!

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