email error “cannot find server” Ox800CC90

 Windows XP Home. My AVG will not update and cannot download e-mails. E-mail error msg: Server responded with error.  A/c ‘MAIL.BIGPOND.COM’ Server: ‘MAIL.BIGPOND.COM’, PROTOCOL: POP3, Server response: -ERR AVG POP3 Proxy Server: Cannot connect to the mail server, Port:110, Secure (SSL): No, Server Error: Ox800CC90, ERROR No.Ox800CCC90.

I am on cable broadband with BigPond.  I dont understand Pop3′s and Port’s
Tks in anticipation.
Regards Robyn, Magic Happens so keep smiling :-)

Hi Robyn,

POP3 is the language computers use to exchange emails while ports are the doorways into computers. Port 110 is the doorway on Bigpond’s computer, known as the mail server, that holds your emails.

The problem is AVG can’t see Bigpond’s mail server.

This almost certainly due to your firewall program blocking AVG’s access to both the mail server and the AVG update server. You’ll need to change your firewall setting to allow AVG to access the Internet.

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