Removing Zone Alarm

I uninstalled Zone Alarm Free but it appears that some remants are left. I try to use RegEdit to delete Zone Labs
(MiniLog, TrueVector, Zone Alarm) but get a message saying “Cannot delete Zone Labs: Error while deleting key.” I get the same message if I try to individually delete items.
How can I get rid of Zone Labs?

The first thing to check is that  you are logged on as an administrator. To check, right click on the start button and if “Open All Users” is an option, then you are an administrator. If not, log off and back on as an administrator.

Next, check you have removed Zone Alarm using the Add/Remove Programs function. If not then do so, if you have and it appears not to have fully uninstalled, it’s best to reinstall Zone Alarm, reboot and remove it again.

It isn’t unusual to find remnants of registry keys from old programs, some developers don’t do a good job of writing uninstall routines. Generally these won’t hurt the computer and shouldn’t detract from performance.

Should you want to remove these keys then first check all the Zone Alarm files have been deleted from the computer after uninstalling. Once you’ve confirmed this, run a registry cleaner.

WARNING: The following paragraph is for advanced users only. Do not edit the registry unless you have a backup and understand what you are doing.

If the registry keys still remain, you may be able to delete them by booting into safe mode running Regedit, right clicking the errant registry key and selecting Permissions. In the permissions screen, give yourself full control. If it doesn’t you’ll need to click on Advanced, Owner and make yourself the owner of that registry key.

Generally though, we strongly recommend leaving the registry alone unless there is a serious problem that needs to be resolved.

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