How do I check Internet downloads?

My husband has recently learnt how to use our computer(prevoiusly my domain)
he has discovered Ebay (aka Aladins cave) and our 1500mb quota blew out to over 3000mb,is there a simple inexpensive (free) program to measure downloads as the day goes on not just the end of day that my provider (Bordernet)shows.We run xp, recently put IE 7 on.
So we can pinpoint which programs & processes chew up the most mb.
Thanks Regards Veronika.

Good to see your husband has discovered the net. It’s a worry your usage has blown out as Ebay shouldn’t be causing this and we’d strongly suggest you check your computer for viruses. It would also be a good idea to setup a limited user profile for your husband as we explain on our PC Rescue site.

As far as Internet monitoring programs go, we’d recommend the excellent Netlimiter. The free version lets you monitor usage while the paid for versions allow you to control how much data specific programs can use.

It may also be worthwhile seeing about increasing your data quota as well given many families will struggle to keep under a 1500mb limit.

The whole idea of the Internet is to use the information so don’t let restrictive limits cramp your usage.

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