System message, click here for details keeps appearing.

everytime I open my internet explorer there is an error appear on the lower right corner of my monitor saying”System Messaged click here for details”. then when I click the message it automatically go to one site. what is the problem? is this a virus? thanks.

Unfortunately you probably are infected with something, follow our Removing a Trojan advice. If you have clicked for details and paid any money to these people then you should contact your credit card company. We’d also strongly recommend changing banking and other important passwords after your computer has been cleaned.

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    10 Responses to “System message, click here for details keeps appearing.”

    1. Exact same problem – except its not going to any site, just opens IE. Spybot and AdAware unable to find any spyware :( Any ideas what this could be?

    2. I have te same problem… I tryed to solve this with AdAware.. Anti Malware and Kaspersky and nothing…
      Help Please!

    3. Same! Some piece of crap spyware hiding somewhere :S

    4. you know the same problem is driving me crazy for days now, but i might have found the solution:
      check manually if there are any of BMcb3b7a7c.xml and BMcb3b7a7c.txt in C:\windows\ and if they are there just delete them and the problem should be gone

      post questions and say if it worked

    5. I have the same problem as well. It sometimes opens up a blank IE window. Sometimes it takes you to or and asks you to install or buy their software. I tried SmitFraud Fix, Spybot S&D, as well as Spyware Doctor with no help.

    6. that thing i told you about .. it seems not to work, but i have figured out another way :
      restart in Safe Mode with Command prompt and type del C:\progra~1\intern~1 to delete iexplore.exe (all in all who uses the iexplore.exe as a browser) btw if you do .. try using mozilla or opera

      good luck

    7. anyone able to fix this problem yet. my mom uses ie & doesn’t want to delete it. she has the same problem

    8. Paul Wallbank Says:

      If the problem isn’t going away, you have a serious spyware infection and you should get an experienced computer tech in to look at the system.

    9. sea-a+e sorry

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