Can’t access Microsoft sites in Internet Explorer

I have a problem using IE7 with XP Home. It can’t access Microsoft Windows sites and cannot change homepage in Internet Options even though I am the system administrator. I also Keep getting error codes;http404 with IE7,error #56with Live Messenger and errors #80048820/#80048430 with Ninemsn Premium.

This almost certainly sounds like an Active Scripting problem. We’d suggest downloading and installing the latest Windows Scripting Host.

It’s also possible you have a spyware infection. So running a spyware scan would be a good idea.

Another possibility is Internet Explorer needs reinstalling.

You don’t need to uninstall and reinstall, open the Control Panel and click Add/Remove Programs, or Programs in Windows Vista, and select Internet Explorer.

To right of the selection there are two buttons; change and remove. Click the Change button and follow the wizard to repair the existing installation.

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    3 Responses to “Can’t access Microsoft sites in Internet Explorer”

    1. Hi ,

      We find all major sites like Microsoft, CNN, Walmart and Monster down ? However other pages like Google, Yahoo, Amazon and all foreign websites are fine ?

      Is there something going on ? It is now 10Am, April 5th 2008 in NY, USA.

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    3. I did not have time to look at what was acusing the problem to bring up the X mark when i compose a new mail. I uninstalled the IE 7 and rebouted my system and it rolled back to IE 6 automatically. From then on everything is working fine.

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