Vista creating RASMAN files

I have had Vista Ultimate for three months now and the temp files folder is filling up with temp\RAC.tmp files which Windows Disk Cleanup or EasyCleaner will not delete.

When I track them down and open them they open up I Tunes. Can I delete them? Also some called tracing\RASMAN.OLD and other old files. I have AVG,Spybot S&D and AdAware.

Thanks for your site,  James.

Hi James,

This problem sounds like there’s an errant Virtual Private Network or dial up connection on your system.

The first step would be to look in the Network control panel and remove any connections that are not being used. If you are using a VPN then it’s probably best to talk to your system administrator about why these errors are being generated.

With removing these files, it’s best to start in Safe Mode and run the disk clean up utilities from there.

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