Printer alignment error on Dell A926

I have a Dell Photo All in One printer 926 which now will not print at all.  The error message is Alignment Problem. The advice is to check the tapes on cartridges, check trouble shooting in manual which provides same advice – have done both to no avail. The printer spits out pages and pages of alignments in blue and black, and is using all my cartridge ink in the process.  I don’t have access to any other printer, and now have a backlog of docs for printing.

It may be one of the cartridges is defective. Try replacing the cartridges to see if the problem clears. If it does, then you should contact Dell for a refund on the defective cartridges.

If the problem persists then the printer has is defective. Again you’ll have to contact Dell for repairs. Unfortunately, unless it’s under warranty, you’ll probably find the repair is going to be far more expensive than a replacement printer.

So do some troubleshooting but be prepared to buy a new printer.

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    2 Responses to “Printer alignment error on Dell A926”

    1. Amy Robertson Says:

      I have tried the above advice but without success. The printer still prints as though it is running out of ink, but I have again replaced the ink cartridges. Surely, not both sets are defective?

    2. Paul Wallbank Says:

      The fact you’ve tried both sets means it’s the printer. You’ll need to contact Dell for a service call.

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