How to remove McAfee service center

I am having difficulty setting up my BR Broadband. Cut a long story short have been advised by the BT Technical Dept that my virus software is stopping the broadband from connecting. I have tried to delete the software. There were 3 files, 2 deleted but the last one will not delete. It comes up with a message saying “Delete Macafee Service Centre” but there is no file of that description.

This is a fairly typical problem with the big security software programs. They leave all sorts of components lying around and don’t do a good job of removing them.

Fortunately the bigger software developer have removal tools for their products. In this case McAfee have the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool and the instructions for its use are at their website.

If the problem with the connection continues you may want to check for other firewall or security programs on your computer by looking in the Add/Remove Programs applet.

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    2. I purchased McFEE back in 9/8/08, I had to reformat by I lost all files..When I click on McAfee
      security..sometimes it ask for activation code and sometime it does not( I downloaded the software again sometime in January 09)

      The software seems not to be working on websites you can click on..usually it shows a green check mark or a red X,
      Please inform me as the steps to take to fix that problem


    4. Dorothy Jorgensen Says:

      It says my computer is not protected Why isn’t it?

    5. Dorothy Jorgensen Says:

      why isn’t my computer protected by Mc Afee? I just got this 2 mo. ago.

    6. Dorothy Jorgensen Says:

      My computer say I am not protected . I just got this 2 mo. ago. I have never had this come up before. When I go into all programs it does not show McAfee.Please help.

    7. Having trouble updating my “protection” in MSN for my anti virus. Have an error 1721 which is the Windows loader which is preventing me from receiving the update.

    8. Glen R. Faulhaber Says:

      My “Windows Security Center” indicates that “Windows does not find antivirus software on this computer”. On 10/11/2010 I was charged $43.09 through PayPal for a 1 year renewal of my McAfee Virus protection contract. Billing agreement ID # B-73717676G7277332A. Please let me know whether or not I have McAfee virus protection on my computer and how I can verify this. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Keep in mind that I’m a computer nerd so keep it simple in plain English. Thanks
      Glen R. Faulhaber (919) 751-2917

    9. we recently had our hard drive replaced. i ran our mcafee cd and mcafee thinks we are a new customer. we have a existing subscription that runs thru jan. 2011. our order is #cs660277352 . please verify this by e mail. thank you. charles wittler 1606 chevy chase dr. champaign ill. 61821

    10. Deborah Ross Says:

      my computer says it is at risk and when I click to see problem it says I need to renew..I renewed 7-10 and should be active until 7-11. Please help

    11. Robert L. Stevenson Says:

      I downloaded your product but am told that I am not covered. I also tried calling to speak to someone and ended up with Yogi who claimed to be working for MacAfee. I explained that I merely wished to redownload the product because I had to wipe the computer. I was told that you required that Yogi would have to take control of my computer to make certain that it was free of viruses before providing the redownload. This resulted in my having to spend $169.00 and them monitoring my computer. I fear that I am in danger of identity theft. Please help.

    12. Paul Wallbank Says:

      The product isn’t ours Robert, it’s McAfees and we’ve linked to it to help you remove this program.

      Charging you $169 to remove the program is outrageous and we’d recommend you contact your credit card provider to reverse this transaction.

      It would be good to check your security settings and we’d recommend spending that money on getting a computer technician to check the system.

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