Collecting printer status on Canon network printers

I upgraded my AVG Security software to the latest version. I have a canon fax/scanner/printer a HP laser printer and a Xerox colour printer. My desktop is the server for printing.

After the update I have no problems printing with the HP and the Xerox but I am unable to print from the Canon printer. If I print it comes up with the frame “Collecting Printer Status” and then nothing else is happening. I am able to scan there is no problem there. The printer is online.

Not sure what caused this, any ideas?

The problem is the upgraded AVG firewall has blocked the Canon printer software from communicating over the network.¬† It’s necessary to force AVG to redetect the Canon software and allow it access to the network.

The simplest way to do this is to download the latest software for your Canon printer. Then uninstall the existing software, reboot and install the new software. The first time you print with the new software AVG will ask if you want to grant permission to the Canon application and the printer spooler.

You should choose to Allow full access to the network for these applications.

AVG also allows you to grant access to individual applications. To do this, right click the colored AVG square in your taskbar (usually in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) and click  Launch AVG Control Center.

In the Control Center, highlight AVG Firewall and click Configure. Select the Applications tab and scroll down until you find the Canon software, click edit and change the action to Allow. Repeat this for the Print Spooler application.

Firefox have a graphical example of how to fix AVG 8 problems for their browser. These instructions will work for the printer as well, just change the Firefox to the print spooler and Canon applications.

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    3 Responses to “Collecting printer status on Canon network printers”

    1. Great information. I’m researching laser printers for my small office.

    2. When Windows XP Home Edition (SP2) is first started and a document is selected for printing,
      an error occurs:

      The printer a Canon Pixma iP 3000 gaves this message:

      “Collecting printer status”

      Switch the printer off and the following message appears:

      “Printer is offline”

      Then switch the printer back on and the following set of message appear:

      “Printer is online”
      “Preparing to print”

      The printing functions correctly for the rest of the time the computer is switched on.

      This is annoying. How can it be cured.

      I have uninstalled and installed the printer without solving this problem.

      I am told that it could be due to a firewall. I switch off the Windows Firewall and the problem is still there.

      Any ideas?

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