Canon Pixma IP 1000 no longer prints text

January 5th, 2011 Paul Wallbank Posted in Hardware, Printers No Comments »

My Canon Pixma IP 1000,  3 – 4  years old and been fine. Suddenly won’t print text. Same in Word, Publisher, Notebook, Excel etc. Graphics, pictures, lines etc all  print OK, but no text….. Have cleaned nozzles tried new usb cable,  Reinstalled driver…Grey scale test works fine…. But still no text.  Any suggestions please?

It sounds like the black ink cartridge or print head isn’t working properly. The fact it can print greyscale and graphics indicates the printer’s color heads are fine.

You may want to try running another head clean before replacing the black ink cartridge. When you do it’s a good idea to try printing out something that is very heavy in black text.

Keep in mind though that the Canon IP1000 was a very cheap printer at its time and it simply isn’t designed to work forever so it might be time to consider a new printer.

Hardware has not passed Windows Logo testing

December 13th, 2010 Paul Wallbank Posted in Hardware, Printers, software, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP No Comments »

I am operating on Windows XP.

Whilst installing the latest version of AVG Free and after re-booting a dialog box appeared with the following message:- ‘The software you are installing for this hardware Non-Plug and Play Drivers has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatability with Windows XP”.

It recommends not continuing,which I did.

What does it all mean ? should I have carried on or not.

The Windows Logo testing refers to Microsoft’s program of certifying that devices and software is compatible with the current version of Windows. The aim is to let consumers know what products are guaranteed to work on their computers.

While the program is a good idea, it involves quite a bit of cost for vendors and Microsoft so not all equipment is certified. Also older products won’t be certified for newer Windows versions and manufacturers rarely bother certifying new products for the older versions of Windows.

So generally you can ignore the warnings and proceed with the installation, just note that running uncertified products on your system might increase the chances of the computer being slowed down or becoming unstable.

Finding a Windows7 or Vista printer driver

December 12th, 2010 Paul Wallbank Posted in Hardware, Printers, Windows 7, Windows Vista No Comments »

How do I safely download a printer driver for Vista for an older printer without having my computer scanned. I do not trust the “let me scan your computer” scam.

You’re right in not trusting services that ask to “scan your computer” before allowing you to download software. Most of them are a scam and you should avoid them.

One of the barriers to using a Windows Vista system was that many manufacturers dropped support for even comparatively recent hardware like printers and scanners, which meant many people reverted to Windows XP when they found their often recently purchased hardware wouldn’t work.

A way around this is to run your printer in “Emulation Mode”. Printer emulation is where the computer pretends the printer is a different, usually older, model.

Running a printer in emulation usually means you’ll lose some features that the older printer doesn’t support and if you’re running a multifunction device with a scanner and fax built in, you will probably find those aspects don’t work on the computer.

Microsoft have a detailed description of how to set a system up in emulation mode at their website. While these instructions are aimed at Windows XP 64 bit users, the instructions largely hold for Windows Vista and 7 systems.

Some printers, particularly the multifunction systems, don’t have an emulation mode and will only work on the systems they have software for so you may have to search the manufacturer’s website for the right drivers.

In many cases the printer manufacturers never released Windows Vista software, this was disgraceful behaviour by printer manufacturers and if you find this is the case with your printer, you may want to consider a different brand for your next device.

Printers seeing green

February 17th, 2010 Paul Wallbank Posted in Hardware, Printers No Comments »

Hello – we have 2 identical Brother DCP-350C printers and both all of a sudden have stopped printing “red” and why this has affected the printing of black when we have an exclusive black ink in the machines I don’t know but it has and now anything we print out in supposed black comes out in green! I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more but still it hasn’t worked plus replaced cartridges. One printer has already had a printer head replaced under warranty. Neither are under warranty now and are approximately 2 years old. Can you advise anything we might be able to do to get this working as I don’t really think it is worthwhile taking them to a repairer as they only cost $99 each at time of purchase but want to cover all avenues in case there might a simple solution.

If not what machines would you recommend. We only use them for home purposes but my husband does do a lot of graphic printouts so a relatively good quality print would be beneficial. Also are there any just solely black inkjet printers available these days – this would be for the second computer.

The problem lies in the way the Brother printer deals with colours. What is probably happening is if the printer thinks there is any colour in the document, it mixes the red, green and blue cartridges to make something close to black rather than using the black document. Apart from your current problem this is an insanely expensive way to print.

We’d recommend ditching the printers and getting a cheap colour laser. While this may cost a few hundred dollars more than an inkjet, you’ll get better quality prints from a more reliable system. If the two computers are networked, you’ll be able to share them or be able to plug the printer directly into the network.

Grayscale is green

February 9th, 2009 Paul Wallbank Posted in Hardware, Printers 1 Comment »

I mainly print black and white photos from my printer. No matter what I do, I cannot get pure B&W prints – the blacks are never dense black and there is a pale greenish tinge across all the grays. I get the same effect whether I print from the PC or direct from the printer. Selection of “Grayscale” at the printer Properties does not help.

My printer is an Epson Sylus Photo RX630.

My PC is a professionally supplied custom build using Gigabyte Technology motherboard S Series 945GMF-DS2 with Intel Core 2 Duo.

Hoping you can help – I would like to be able to make correct B&W prints

The problem is with your printer settings. Rather than using the black cartridge, the printer is mixing colours to create the “gray” tones.

This isn’t just irritating, it’s also a waste of ink.

To fix this, you’ll need to go into the advanced printer options where you should find an option to use the black only for grayscale. There should also be a setting to only print in black and white which will disable the colour cartridges.

Unfortunately the Epson website doesn’t explain how to do this, but a bit of exploration in the printer settings (click the Advanced buttons) should find it.

This sort of problem – poor software and bad documentation – is common with Epson printers which is a shame as the printers themselves are very good products. It’s worth considering this the next time you look at a printer purchase.

Troubleshooting a USB printer

October 6th, 2008 Paul Wallbank Posted in Hardware, Printers No Comments »

I just purchased a Canon PIXMA MX310 multifunction printer.  I have an HP slimline desktop computer.  I installed it but the printer doesn’t print.  I think it has something to do with how I identify my port.  Also there are so many usb places to plug in – I don’t know which one to use.

Can you help me please?

It shouldn’t matter which USB port you use, normally they will sort themselves out.

However sometimes ports will malfunction so you may want to try each port until you find one that works.

If none of them work, it may be the sofware isn’t properly installed. You may need to reinstall it by unplugging the printer and putting the installation CD back in.

Should the installation program only give you an uninstall option, do that then restart the computer and run the install software again.

When asked, plug the printer back into the USB port.

If the software doesn’t detect it, try another USB cable and if that fails return the printer to the supplier.

Wired or wireless networks

June 21st, 2008 Paul Wallbank Posted in networking, Printers No Comments »

I wish to connect two PC’s to one laser printer. Is it possible to achieve this by just using cables or do I need to go to wireless?

You can do either. Wired is faster and more reliable but wireless doesn’t require stringing cables around your home or office.

To network any device you need a network adapter. A wired one has a plug where the ethernet cable plugs in while a wireless one will have a radio built into it and may or may not have a aerial.

If your printer has either, or both, of these connections it’s a matter of either just plugging it into the network or entering the wireless network’s name and security details.

Should you not have either of these, you’ll need to buy an adapter that plugs into the printer which may be available from your printer manufacturer or you’ll need a print server.

Print servers plug into your printer’s USB port at one end and the network at the other. Note that a lot of multifunction printers don’t like this setup.

The final way is to just plug the printer into one of the computers and just share it across the network.

Collecting printer status on Canon network printers

May 20th, 2008 Paul Wallbank Posted in Hardware, Printers, security 3 Comments »

I upgraded my AVG Security software to the latest version. I have a canon fax/scanner/printer a HP laser printer and a Xerox colour printer. My desktop is the server for printing.

After the update I have no problems printing with the HP and the Xerox but I am unable to print from the Canon printer. If I print it comes up with the frame “Collecting Printer Status” and then nothing else is happening. I am able to scan there is no problem there. The printer is online.

Not sure what caused this, any ideas?

The problem is the upgraded AVG firewall has blocked the Canon printer software from communicating over the network.  It’s necessary to force AVG to redetect the Canon software and allow it access to the network.

The simplest way to do this is to download the latest software for your Canon printer. Then uninstall the existing software, reboot and install the new software. The first time you print with the new software AVG will ask if you want to grant permission to the Canon application and the printer spooler.

You should choose to Allow full access to the network for these applications.

AVG also allows you to grant access to individual applications. To do this, right click the colored AVG square in your taskbar (usually in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) and click  Launch AVG Control Center.

In the Control Center, highlight AVG Firewall and click Configure. Select the Applications tab and scroll down until you find the Canon software, click edit and change the action to Allow. Repeat this for the Print Spooler application.

Firefox have a graphical example of how to fix AVG 8 problems for their browser. These instructions will work for the printer as well, just change the Firefox to the print spooler and Canon applications.

Printer alignment error on Dell A926

April 22nd, 2008 Paul Wallbank Posted in Printers 2 Comments »

I have a Dell Photo All in One printer 926 which now will not print at all.  The error message is Alignment Problem. The advice is to check the tapes on cartridges, check trouble shooting in manual which provides same advice – have done both to no avail. The printer spits out pages and pages of alignments in blue and black, and is using all my cartridge ink in the process.  I don’t have access to any other printer, and now have a backlog of docs for printing.

It may be one of the cartridges is defective. Try replacing the cartridges to see if the problem clears. If it does, then you should contact Dell for a refund on the defective cartridges.

If the problem persists then the printer has is defective. Again you’ll have to contact Dell for repairs. Unfortunately, unless it’s under warranty, you’ll probably find the repair is going to be far more expensive than a replacement printer.

So do some troubleshooting but be prepared to buy a new printer.

HP printing in reverse on Vista computers

March 22nd, 2008 Paul Wallbank Posted in Printers, Windows Vista 1 Comment »

We are a seniors club with 6 networked computers. All XP. Now have new computer with ability to change from XP to Vista via Bios. The computer networked with other computers and printers without problems but when we switch to Vista the HP printer prints in mirror image.  Does this mean we need a driver for the printer or is there some other setting?

It certainly does sound like a problem with the printer driver. HP generally haven’t been updating drivers for printers that are supported in Vista so you might have trouble finding a new driver for that model.

The best bet is to try experimenting with other HP printer drivers. A number are compatible with each other and you may find one of the compatible versions will not have this problem. A search on HP’s support website will give you a list of which printers will match.