Mouse jumping on computer

I have a new computer with Vista in the place. When I am typing emails, the lines jump up all over the place. I have contacted their service dept but their advice did not help. as you can see it has jumped during this email (fortunately only once) but it usually goes all over the place. taking me ages to type and fix. any suggestions?

If this is a laptop, what you’ll probably find is the touchpad at the front of the keyboard is too sensitive and when brush it while typing it moves the cursor.

Depending on the brand, there will be a way to change this either using the system software or by changing the mouse sensitivity in the Control Panel. To do the latter, Microsoft have the instructions on their website.

Some people have found problems with the “tap to click” functions onĀ  HP and Toshiba laptops. It’s worthwhile disabling those in the software settings if this is a problem.

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