Burning DVDs to hard drives

I do a lot of travelling and I would like to take my own movies with me.  So I recently bought an ASUS EeePC (XP version) and a very thin and compact external 160gb WD hard disk.  As you would know the Asus has no DVD facility so I want to burn DVDs to an external drive so I can view them on my EeePC.

I’ve tried a couple of freeware things like Handbrake and DVD Shrink (which has a fraudulent scamming website purporting to be its real website!).   Is there a way I can do this safely, please?  Barry.

Warning: Duplicating copyrighted material without the owner’s permission is illegal in most countries. Make sure you have the right to copy before doing so. This answer assumes you have that permission or legal right to do so.

Copying DVDs to disk is useful function. I use DVD Shrink myself to copy DVDs that events organisers have sent me of my speeches and presentations. It’s very handy to save them to a hard drive and helps with making showreels and compliations.

The official website for DVD shrink is at dvdshrink.org. This site doesn’t have any malware and it sounds to me like you’ve been directed to a malicious site by a search engine.

The Pain in the Tech website has an excellent tutorial on using DVD Shrink and that’s what I would recommend you follow to get the files across. Once they are on your external drive, try them on the EeePC.

Let us know how you go with this as it’s an interesting use of an EeePC we haven’t tried.

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