SSID has stopped working

I am using a D-Link G604T for wireless broadband. I set a password on WPA (on the desktop hard wired to the router), but after a short time it stops working wirelessly and especially with the laptops using it, they won’t connect properly, when setting in the password.

When we put in the WPA password, a message came up to say SSID stopped working. I don’t know whether this has anything to do with it, as I don’t know what SSID is.

The SSID, or Service Set Identifier, is simply the name of your wireless network. In your case, the name is currently dlink. This is what appears on the list of available wireless networks your laptops show.

What the computers are complaining about is that they can’t find the wireless network you want to connect to. This is probably because there’s another Dlink router nearby with the same settings and this is confusing the system.

You can set the SSID to whatever you like and we’d suggest something everyone in your house or office will recognise but won’t be obvious to your neighbours.

To set the SSID on a Dlink 604T follow the instructions in their manual. The setting for SSID is step 7A on page 11.

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