User interface failure rtlgina.dll when starting Windows XP

When i switch my computer on all I get is a message saying user interface failure rtlgina.dll i have tried the restart and pressing F8 to no avail and I can not find my recover backup disc. Have you any answers or solutions to this problem?

This problem is caused by poorly designed for Netgear and Linksys wireles network cards. The setup program has replaced the Windows msgina.dll with its own rtlgina.dll.

To fix this, on another computer download Doug Knox’s XP Fix Logon script and save it to a CD, thumb drive or floppy disk.

On the damaged computer, start the computer in Safe Mode and run the script.

If you can’t start in Safe Mode then you’ll need to call a computer tech to help you fix the problem, luckily you won’t need the installation disks and a comptent technician won’t lose any data.

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    7 Responses to “User interface failure rtlgina.dll when starting Windows XP”

    1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I have been trying to fix this error for over a week!!!!

    2. WOW!!!!! so quick and easy! worked the first time! thank you sooo much! my RealTek RTL8169 ethernet port messed with my rtlgina.dll and caused incorrect login page. your fix took under a minute!

    3. Paul,

      That’s a nice little script from Doug, thanks for posting a link as an most of the posts above this information is priceless well done.


    4. Oh i owe you once mate.
      that was really usefull.
      you just save my time trying to fix it with tweaking software which didnt even work…

    5. joseph icaro Says:

      thank you very much sir.
      this problem bugs me for about a week and thanks to doug’s app. i can now turn on my pc without any annoying log in blahblah.. thank you!

    6. Thanasis Kosmidis Says:

      Nice worked for me too

    7. Ben Teddy Says:

      Thank you!! Works like a charm …

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