Finding a 64-bit anti virus

I have just bought a HP Touchsmart 515 but when I tried to transfer my CA Anti Virus software over, they told me they cannot support “64 bit”.  Can you recommend an Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware program that will support my computer?  I am happy to pay a reasonable amount.

The biggest problem with 64-bit hardware is getting software that will run on it. Utility and security software like anti virus programs are a particular problem.

That said, there are some good solutions available. 

One of the popular anti virus packages, Avast, does offer a 64-bit version. Even better news is they have a free package for 64-bit systems. 

It’s worthwhile shopping around to find the vendors who are prepared to make the effort to support the newer systems. Just be aware some software companies’ 64-bit products are very basic or even crippled so try before you buy.

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