Should I uninstall older software?

I have a PC with Windows XP Service Pack3, i run Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9.3 & Firefox. I see there are new versions of Firefox & Opera. If i were to download them do i need to remove the existing versions first and then download the new versions. I’m new to computers. Regards Don

Generally not. It’s usually okay to just to upgrade over the top of the existing program. The advantage with this is most of your settings will usually come across to the new version.

Some programs though are a bit sloppy and leave a lot of rubbish on your computer. Sometimes they can even confuse the computer about which version should be used, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Sun Java are probably the two worst offenders for this.

Best practice though Don is to leave the old programs on unless they are causing some trouble and if they do we have instructions on removing older software.

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