Removing Lime Wire from a computer

I would like to know how to remove lime wire completely from my computer I’ve removed it with add/remove but the icon on the low right corner of the screen is still there and can be activated, when I try to delete it it says it is not able to be deleted.

Uninstalling Limewire can be a problem and the newer versions don’t use the Add/Remove programs applet. The simplest way is to run the built in uninstaller that comes with the program.

To access this click Start then Programs, Limewire  and select Uninstall.

The uninstall wizard will then take you through the process.

Once you’re finished, check your computer for viruses as Limewire users seem to be prone to picking up malware.

If you are still stuck, you may want to contact a computer tech to help you remove the program and clean up your system.

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