Setting Firefox as default Apple Mac OSX browser

When I select Firefox in Safari preferences as my preferred browser it works. However, I haven’t yet found a way to make that stick. I have to do it every time I start up. Any suggestions for this change to stay?

The first suggestion is to reset Safari’s preferences. We’ve covered this in our Safai keeps crashing post.

If resetting Safari doesn’t work, you’ll need to wipe the preferences file. You’ll find this sitting in the username /Library/Preferences directory and the file you need to delete is

Once you’ve made these changes, restart your computer. If the problem continues, reinstall Firefox.

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    1. 2009.01.14. Safari came installed with the computer. Where do I find the Safari Preferences file to wipe it? Where do I find username, to got to Library etc?
      [I tried looking in the Applications Folder but I only have the Safari icon.]

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