Putting old software on new computers

We have CAD design software that is on a old PC running windows 98 (note there is a dongal, which we have and we are registered owners for software).

We need to upgrade VIDEO card but since the computer is so old and becoming unstable I am thinking it would be best to replace the PC

The problem is do not have installation disc for software and Company has since gone bust. Can software be copied off old PC onto new.

Unfortunately I think you may hit some problems with this. While copying older programs can work, the time it will take for a good computer tech to get it running will probably be more than the cost of a new program.

To add to the difficulties, it’s highly likely a new computer won’t have a parallel or serial port to plug in an older style dongle and the older software may struggle with modern screen resolutions, graphics cards and hard drive capacities.

Put simply, doing this is probably more of a hassle than it’s worth.

The best thing to do is bite the bullet on some commercial software, preferably a package your employees and business partners are used to or investigateĀ open source CAD programs.

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