Recovering old Outlook Express messages and address books

Up-graded my PC including a new hard drive and installed Windows XP Pro and applications on it including Office.  The old hard drive is also in the case and while old data files on it are accessible by most applications, I can’t get the new Outlook Express to bring up my old Outlook Express files.  I can find the old email message files but can’t open them, even after copying them to the current Outlook Express folder.  I’ve not been able to find the old address book file.

Where should I look for the address book and how do I open it and my old message files?

To recover your old Outlook Express files, use the Import tool in Outlook Express, click the File menu, Import and select Messages.

Select Outlook Express 6 and click Next. In the import from OE 6 dialog box, click the Import Mail from OE 6 directory. Then select the folder containing the old Outlook Express files.

We’ll answer the Address Book question in our next IT Queries post.

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    1. Clara Ann Jones Says:

      I have my messages but I can’t find my address book. I ned a simple way to find it. And I don’t like this set-up on your page–where are your font, size, bold, etc for print?? It was so easy on Outlook Express.

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